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Allow yourself to be challenged – Scouting Nederland

As a young seven-year-old, I first discovered the wonderful world of Scouting and over two decades later, I’m still a proud Girl Scout. Through scouting, I learned practical skills such as wilderness survival, first aid, making camp fires and building amazing structures with just wood and rope. First and foremost, however, scouting teaches friendship, responsibility, leadership and is just a lot of fun.

I’m a member at my local group, and additionally, do a number of volunteer projects at Scouting Nederland and for international events.

My past projects:

Marketing at Roverway 2018

In the summer of 2018, European scouts and guides, aged 16 – 22 years, are welcomed to the Roverway in The Netherlands. 3000 Rangers and Rovers from all over Europe are invited to challenge themselves to explore unknown paths and uncharted water, and discover cultures and interchange experiences, knowledge and ideas. Roverway 2018’s motto is Opposites Attract for in our ever-changing society, there are always two sides of the coin.

As part of the marketing team, we design the marketing strategy, maintain the website and social media accounts, create flyers, posters and all kinds of other fun materials.

IST and Core Team member for the EVS project at the World Moot in Iceland in 2017

In the summer of 2017, Scouts and Guides from all over the world, aged 18-25, were invited to Iceland for the World Moot. I attended the event as a member of the International Service Team (volunteer staff), met people from all over the world and generally had a blast. Additionally, as a Core Team member for the EVS project, we designed an extra training programme focused on leadership and personal growth for our EU volunteers aged 26-30.

International Woodbadge Course (Gilwell) at Kandersteg

The Gilwell course is a story of its own. It’s incredibly hard to describe all the experiences, emotions, and adventures you can live through in a week. August 2016 saw me hiking in the Swiss mountains, meeting amazing people and formulating my own personal challenge to work on for the coming months (and years). Together with the fabulous B529 crowd, it’s a crazy ride.

A small taste of the Swiss Mountains at Kandersteg. Thank you, Bas.

Media Office at the Landelijke Scoutingwedstrijden

National Scouting Competitions are organised every Pentecost weekend. The Media Office deals with all external communication, such as the website, social media, camp newsletter, photographs, videos, and press releases. The 2017 edition marked my five year anniversary. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Zakboekje Scouts

Throughout 2015, we wrote, planned and brainstormed for the new pocketbook for scouts for Programmagroup Spel. With the project team, we delivered the concept draft, and after a bit of polishing, I’m proud that the new pocket book is available in stores:

Now for sale at the (Dutch) scoutshop!