My name is Marianne Duijst. I am a quality engineering and agile specialist and have worked as a software engineer, scrum master, developer and high school teacher in previous years. I love to attend conferences and enjoy speaking about critical thinking, work culture and being a Girl Scout. I make sketchnotes to learn and to share. My love for IT and the testing profession comes from a love for puzzles, logic and structure mixed together with my creative, writing and crocheting mind. I love to explore, meet people from different countries and cultures, read voraciously and dream outrageously.

I have long been passionate about literature, language, culture and history and therefore chose to embark on an MA degree in English Language and Culture while at university. I specialized in modern literature and theatre studies. I taught English as a Foreign Language after gaining my teaching qualifications, before making a career switch to become an IT Nerd.

This is my personal website where I write about writing, testing, literature, scouting, theatre, culture, learning and other things I find interesting. (Elephants!)

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