NaNo – Day 28 – Cartoon of the Day

Storytelling can be like looking in a mirror. Every story, like every author, is unique. There are glimpses of yourself hidden away and buried deep. Perhaps you consciously added details of your own life and own philosophy. Perhaps they creeped in on their own.

Day 28: Seeing Yourself Reflected

It is both a beauty of writing and a terror: the fear of being known to your readers. And yet is it not also marvelous: to leave something of yourself and who you were. We still engage with literature written millenia ago, study its contents, enjoy its humour, tragedy and catharsis. We are all human, storytelling is deeply engrained in us and yet the unique particularities that you bring are like no other.

We are in the final days of this NaNo and there is still time to get your words written and your story out. Take heart in the feeling of community and know we are here to cheer you on. Keep writing and share your thoughts!

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