Welcome to my corner of the internet here at MarianneDuijst.nl

Nice to have you! I consider myself an IT Nerd & Tester. I am a Speaker, a Girl Scout and Language Geek. I love being creative, and I am often found sketchnoting and crocheting. Additionally, I am a Feminist, Storyteller & General Enthusiast. My website showcases a bit of everything. It’s my corner of the internet, after all.

If you are interested in my writings and intermittent blog posts, my writings can be found here.

Professionally, I work as a Agile Quality Coach. In 2016, I spoke at my first conference on testing. I have since gotten the conference bug. Read more about my various speaker engagements here.

At conferences, I am frequently found sketchnoting, the results of which I used to post on Twitter and on this webpage here.

If you want to see some of my older crocheting artwork, please see my photo gallery.

Scouting is amazing and offers me a lot of opportunities. Read a bit more about my past scouting projects here.