Welcome to my corner of the internet here at MarianneDuijst.nl

Nice to have you! As my twitter profile already indicates, I consider myself an IT Nerd & Tester. I am a Speaker, a Girl Scout and Language Geek. I love being creative, and I am often found sketchnoting and crocheting. Additionally, I am a Feminist, Storyteller & general enthusiast. My website showcases a bit of everything. It’s my corner of the internet, after all.

If you are interested in my writings and intermittent blog posts, my writings can be found here.

Professionally, I work as a Agile Quality Coach. In 2016, I spoke at my first conference on testing. I have since gotten the conference bug. Read more about my various speaker engagements here.

At conferences, I am frequently found sketchnoting, the results of which I post on Twitter and on this webpage here.

If you want to see some of my older crocheting artwork, please see my photo gallery.

Scouting is amazing and offers me a lot of opportunities. Read a bit more about my current and past scouting projects here.