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Currently employed as a Software Engineer with an emphasis on testing, from my previous role as a Test Analyst, I also held a Scrum Master role, dabbled in development as a Developer Business Intelligence, and am now a proud IT Nerd who loves to think, solve puzzles and build connections between colleagues and a team.

In 2016, I took a coaching training and since then have been coaching a few of my colleagues: it is such a powerful way to connect and build relationships. It’s an absolute pleasure to help people reach their goals and see their growth.

Learning is one of my greatest passions, and so I continuously strive to learn and grow. In 2016, I especially enjoyed the training course on Rapid Software Testing and the International Wood Badge course. Additionally, I started to branch out into conferences in 2016 and was a proud speaker at the Autumn event of Testnet, where I presented on the importance of critical and logical thinking, especially in test automation.

This October also marked the first time I attended EuroSTAR, the large test conference in Europe. Four full days to meet testers and IT specialists from all over the world, hear numerous inspiring talks and speakers, and then to share that knowledge and experience with my colleagues at work… I had an absolute blast.

Fresh from EuroSTAR, I was bitten by the conference bug and attended TestBash Netherlands and DEWT7 in January 2017. Together with three colleagues, we organised a local conference at our company early February, and with another team, we self-organised the 24h challenge GoForIT focused on technical innovation at our company in March 2017. See the rest of my speaking engagements on the speaker page.