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Future Events:

September 2019: Capgemini TestJam 2019 on September 10th: The Power of “Not Yet”

November 2019: Agile Testing Days: KEYNOTE: Influencing Without Power: Lessons from Life, Art and Literature

Past Events:

February 2019:

Exploratory Testing Workshop (peer conference)

European Testing Conference – Visual Historian (graphical recorder)

December 2018, Ministry of Testing: masterclass/webinar:

Storytelling & Narratology for Software Testers (available for MOT Pro members)

November 2018, Agile Testing Days 2018:

Sketchnoting Adventures: Improve Your Notetaking Skills (3h workshop)

The Power of Not Yet: Improve Your Testing Skills (talk) See the video of the talk here

Tester Who? (Agile Unicorn Talk)

Agile Unicorn Talks Facilitator

November 2018, NL Testdag 2018: (keynote): Wearing Hermione’s Hat: Narratology for Testers

October 2018, WeTest2018: Wearing Hermione’s Hat: Narratology for Testers.

October 2018, QX Day (Sogeti) 2018: Visualisatie voor Testende Teams (together with Eveline Moolenaars) (workshop in Dutch)

August 2018, CAST2018: Wearing Hermione’s Hat: Narratology for Testers

June 2018, Testival (Intern Sogeti event): TestSphere: The Ultimate Testing Story Challenge (workshop) & Visualisation workshop

April 2018, TestBash Netherlands: Encouraging Engagement – Changing Our Work Culture. The video of the talk is available here for MOT Pro members.

March 2018, UKSTAR: Self-Organizing the 24h GoForIT Innovation Challenge

February 2018, European Testing Conference: official sketchnoter

December 2017, BREWT1 Speaker

November 2017, Agile Testing Days: Wearing Hermione’s Hat: Narratology for Testers

November 2017, EuroSTAR:   Asking ‘Else’ – A Tester’s Magic Word

October 2017, TestBash Manchester:  Building the Roadmap to Your Testing Future (workshop) together with Rick Tracy. 

June 2017, Polish Testing Cup: Asking ‘Else’ – The Power of a Tester’s Mindset. The video of this presentation can be found here.

May 2017, TestNet (Netherlands): Building the Roadmap to Your Testing Future (workshop) together with Rick Tracy

May 2017, Romanian Testing Conference: Moving from Tester to Software Engineer – Changing Our Work Culture

February 2017, UKSTAR: Moving from Tester to Software Engineer – Changing our Work Culture

January 2017,  DEWT7 Participant

October 2016, TestNet Autumn Event (Netherlands): Use your logic to automate and validate your test analysis


Podcast Guest

I had the great pleasure of being a guest on the SuperTestingBros (with the Ministry of Testing) podcast trice:

Career Mapping & Accessibility with Marianne Duijst, Rick Tracy and James Sheasby Thomas (2017)

Improving Office Culture: with Marianne Duijst & Rick Tracy (2018)

Life & Leadership with Marianne Duijst & Selena Delesie (2018)