AgileTD2023: Maaike Brinkhof’s My Tale of Playing the Testing Game

Maaike Brinkhof introduced her concept of 4 Testing levels early in 2023. In my Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing #10 notes, she defined the levels as 1) following a process; 2) spicing up the process: “I’m finding so many bugs!” 3) testing as a team activity and 4) the organization structure is preventing us from making good software. In this keynote, she elaborated on these concepts via the Testing RPG Game and highlighted common struggles testers face when trying to ship quality software. Her keynote was engaging, recognizable and a good reminder on finding allies, advocating for testability and focusing on adding value with shippable quality software. I love her statement: “Testing is concerned with showing reality as it is, not as we would like it to be.”

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