TestNet Spring Event 2024

In May 2024, Vereniging TestNet’s Spring Event took place.

I had the pleasure to start the day with my Sketchnoting Adventures Workshop that teaches people how to make sketchnotes, listen attentively and have creative fun at work (all while working together to increase the quality of our communication and work). I enjoyed answering the many questions regarding note taking as well as the conversation we had regarding diversity (which is still a highly needed topic of conversation within our Dutch industry and society). Thank you for being welcoming and open minded!

Photo by Paul Weber during my sketchnoting workshop

After a lunch and pleasant conversations, I joined the Lean Coffee on sustainability. I love the interactive nature of Lean Coffees and the way it encourages active participation from all. See my sketchnote for my notes.

Sketchnote of the Lean Coffee on Sustainability

My presentation on Quality Coaching: Getting Started was well attended and I can talk about Quality Coaching, Quality Engineering, testability and psychological safety for much much longer. (Which I had the opportunity to do in the hallway track afterwards 🙂 ).

Photo by Rik Marselis during my Quality Coaching: Getting Started presentation

A thank you to Vereniging TestNet for organizing the event; Rick Tracy for finding those pins & the adapters; Sabine ten Hoeve for being a great sounding board and practical help on the day itself; Prince Sethiya for helping me with the technical hiccups so that I could still show my slides for the talk; Eveline Moolenaars & Emna Ayadi for all our Quality Coaching conversations and my employer Sogeti for enabling and encouraging us to share our knowledge from the stage (10! of my colleagues also gave talks!)

My colleague Eveline Moolenaars made a few sketchnotes of other talks that are of interest, such as this one below from my colleague Wouter Ruigrok:

Vereniging Testnet also wrote a recap of the day, which can be found here: ttps://www.testnet.org/artikelen/voorjaarsevenement-24/

For reference:

My workshop:

Sketchnoting AdventuresImprove Your Notetaking Skills

A hands-on journey to visualization and listening

Ready. Steady. Draw! Listen. Brainstorm. Visualize. Experiment & Share.


Sketchnoting is a creative way of taking notes of talks, trainings and meetings. Through a unique combination of text and graphics, sketchnotes highlight the core of the sessions, focus your attention and allow you to communicate ideas more quickly and widely.


Visualisation helps wonders when brainstorming new ideas, such as test charters, product creation or retrospectives. There’s something about seeing your and your team’s ideas beautified on the page that really sparks your imagination and wild ideas.


Luckily, you do not need to be an artist or a creative genius to harness the power of sketchnotes. Join me on this hands-on journey to improve your notetaking skills. Put pen to paper and experiment. Improve your attentive listening. Allow yourself time to slow down in order to speed up. Expand your visual library and combine visuals with text. Choose your constraints and dare to share your work. Learn how to harness the power of sketchnotes and visualisation in office.


This workshop is suitable for everyone who is willing to experiment regardless of artistic skill.

My presentation:

Quality Coaching: Getting Started!

An Agile Quality Coach encourages team members and stakeholders to embrace quality engineering and make quality tangible for the product, process and people involved at both teams and organizational level.


More and more agile teams are actively embracing the value that an Agile Quality Coach brings. What are the key essentials to have in your backpack/tool belt to get started with Quality Coaching? What do teams and organizations need to arrange to truly get the benefits of Quality Coaching?


Come listen to Marianne share her experiences, learn more about Testability, Psychological Safety, and the application of Quality Coaching to boost your experience and understand the role in-depth.

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