Leeds Testing Atelier – Sketchnoting Adventures

A lovely holiday trip, a pleasant conference and an unexpected hospital visit & emergency surgery….

In June, we were invited to the Leeds Testing Atelier where I hosted a workshop on Sketchnoting Adventures. We made a roadtrip out of it (as we traveled to Leeds from the Netherlands) and brought our toddler to the conference who loved it.

The morning went great and I got to attend a number of interesting talks. All Leeds Testing Atelier talks are recorded and can be seen on YouTube. After my workshop, I went to the optician and was sent straight to hospital, and onward into surgery – so I have been out of the running for a number of months since. Fortunately, I’m on the road to recovery now, so without further ado, here are the sketchnotes I made during the event.

QA to EM – Why Testers Can Make Great Engineering Managers by Clair Reckless

Claire’s full presentation can be viewed here.

Introduction to the World of Video Games by Theo Clarke

Theo’s presentation can be viewed here.

And my own workshop/presentation on Sketchnoting Adventures: Improve Your Notetaking Skills

Sketchnoting is a creative way of taking notes of talks, trainings and meetings. Through a unique combination of text and graphics, sketchnotes highlight the core of the sessions, focus your attention and allow you to communicate ideas more quickly and widely. Visualisation helps wonders when brainstorming new ideas, such as test charters, product creation or retrospectives. There’s something about seeing your and your team’s ideas beautified on the page that really sparks your imagination and wild ideas. Luckily, you do not need to be an artist or a creative genius to harness the power of sketchnotes. Join me on this hands-on journey to improve your notetaking skills. Put pen to paper and experiment. Improve your attentive listening. Allow yourself time to slow down in order to speed up. Expand your visual library and combine visuals with text. Choose your constraints and dare to share your work. Learn how to harness the power of sketchnotes and visualisation in office. This workshop is suitable for everyone who is willing to experiment regardless of artistic skills.

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