Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing #10

The Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing is a peer conference on testing. Every participant submits an experience report. During the conference day, a select few present their report and join the guided discussion afterwards.

I made a number of sketchnotes during the event, while participating in the discussions. I am posting the sketchnotes here for future reference.

The Automation Tester Role is a Lie and Should Not be Needed – by Gwen Diagram


Incomplete Requests by Jeroen Schutter

Sketchnote of Incomplete Requests by Jeroen Schutter and DEWT10 discussion

Side Effects by Bastiaan ter Broeke

Sketchnote by Marianne Duijst
Sketchnote of Side Effects by Bastiaan ten Broeke and DEWT10

False Positives by Kees Blokland

Finding Bugs in an Organisation – Why I am Leaving Testing for a Bit by Maaike Brinkhof

And a bonus mini sketchnote:

Twitter screenshot of Ash's tweet stating "Tiny Sketchnote of my small rant about testers and requirements by the talented Marianne Duijst here at DEWT10" with an attached image: "Requirements... I accept they need to be found rather than handed to me."

DEWT10 took place on Feb 11, 2023 in The Netherlands with the following people: Jochem Gross, Ru Cindrea, Elizabeth Zagroba, Bastiaan ten Broeke, Jeroen Schutter; Marianne Duijst, Jeanne Hofmans, Kees Blokland, Fred Benedosso, Ruud Cox, Ard Kramer, Gwen Diagram, Joep Schuurkes, Ash Winter, Huib Schoots, Jean-Paul Varwijk, Simon Peter Schrijver, Joris Meerts, Zeger Van Hese, Maaike Brinkhof, Philip Hoeben.

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