NaNo – Day 29 – Cartoon of the Day

It’s the penultimate day of NaNo 22 and it’s time for that final push to get to your finish line! Find your fellow wrimos and let’s encourage each other. A (virtual) write-in is a time and place where we all come together to write our stories. We can do this! If you have already completed your work: cheer your fellow wrimos on. If you haven’t: let’s buckle up and Get.This.Done. It’s two days & one night left and every word you write in your story is one you did not have before.

Day 29: Join Your Fellow Wrimos at a Write-In

Who do your characters go to for support and encouragement? Who is cheering them on? Consider what you and what your characters need to conclude their story. Find companionship and comfort in the fact that people around the world are writing together with you in this challenge. Let’s put pen to paper & write!

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