NaNo – Day 19 – Cartoon of the Day

Uh’oh! Someone is in trouble! Time to break out all the stops & plan the rescue mission! Have you got your Loveable Dragon? Feisty Princess? Hidden tower far away? Adventure Map? Story Ninjas? Bumbling Knight? Superskilled and sly Character Assassin accompanied by the ever elusive & infamous Traveling Shovel of Death? 

Day 19: Rescue Mission Alert

While your characters are off endangering themselves and saving each other: how are you holding up yourself? In need of rescue yet? Have you been feeding your plot bunnies? Or are they so vicious they are running away with you? What is the goal you set for yourself? Plan your own mission and consider: what do you need to keep your momentum going for the next few days? Remember: there is still a large chunk of the month left & we can do this!

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