NaNo – Day 13 – Cartoon of the Day

There’s a concept called “An Artist’s Date”:* where you plan a date with yourself to refill your artistic well of creativity. For some, that’s visiting a museum, or playing around with pencils or crayons, or taking a walk in nature, or crocheting nice warm dragon scale mittons for winter. Treat you inner artist to a fun, engaging experience that will spark your imagination & inspiration!

Day 13: Draw From the Well of Inspiration

During NaNo, we draw heavily from our well! Is the creativity still flowing nicely? Take stock, replenish it & draw upon its stores! Are you inspired by your story? Your characters? Let them experience your walk through their senses! Send them on a mission to indulge their passions! What nourishes your & their inner artists? 

*From Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. She recommends scheduling an Artist’s Date regularly to grant yourself the time to refill your well of creativity.

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