Agile Testing Days 2018 – Friday & Saturday – Final Goodbyes

Final day at Agile Testing Days 2018. In the morning, I made my final sketchnote of the conference. Wim Heemskerk & Eddy Bruin presented their keynote ‘From Inspiration to Change’ and turned their keynote into a mini-workshop. They had asked me to sketch it on large paper and the AgileTD organization had arranged for the paper, so I got to experiment on a large canvas again:

It was particularly lovely to talk with Rhian while sketching and talk through some of the process of sketching. During the keynote-workshop, participants discussed their ideas on how to take the learnings back from AgileTD, so it was particularly interesting to decide what to include in the sketchnote as I couldn’t be in most discussions.

Meike helped me get all my sketchnote stuff back to my hotel room, and I only had my crochet material  & Mammoth with me for the rest of the day as I was in real need of a break. Meike, Marit, Göran & Gitte: thank you for letting me be and hang with you throughout this day. I spent most of the Friday in the lobby, chatting with people & resting on the couch. Thank you George Dinwiddie for our wonderful conversations throughout the conference & your compliments on this day. Thank you to all I spoke to – even if I don’t mention all your names.

The final Friday is usually a day of goodbyes.

On Saturday, I slept in a bit and started my journey back home. (This gave me some much needed rest and much calmer travels. So happy past-me was kind to future-me while booking my trip).

We didn’t have to leave unicorn land just yet:

And finally: Anne Colder & Vincent Wijnen were in the train home with me. Thank you for your company.

Agile Testing Days 2018 was a marathon of learning, experiences and friendship. It was my pleasure to share my stories, sketches and learnings with you all, and learn from your adventures.  I wrote these blogs so that I can look back in a few weeks/months/years and remember all the learnings and conversations we had. Thank you for making AgileTD such a great educational and inspiring experience. Hopefully, I get to see you all again next year.

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