New Year’s Resolutions

As the year 2013 came hurdling into the world, I found I met it calmly. Life is turbulant, exciting and uncharted, but the Christmas Holiday functions as it always has: as an oases – a moment of rest.

Now, as the holiday comes to a close and life in all its busyness is gaining momentum once more, perhaps it is time to look at the landscape around me and sketch myself a map. To draw up some signposts to help me explore.

The year 2012 was marked by stress, frustration and tiredness. For the year 2013, it is vital then to build in more rest, enjoyment and excitement. The moments when I feel freest are on the motorbike. To feel the wind in my face; breathe in the fresh air; to feel the machine move with my body and the sheer exhillarating feeling of going fast without having to exert myself. It’s a wonderous feeling and the only way to keep experiencing it is to pass my driving licence and buy a bike. So that’s the first order of business. (1) Within the first few months of the year, I’ll gain my driving licence and buy a motorbike. (2 out of 3 exams I passed in 2012, so time to plan the last one).

Another simple pleasure that is not so weather-dependent is (2) learning to crochet. There is something immensely pleasurable about creating things; of seeing something take shape right before your eyes. Every stitch made means the scarf or hat is that much more there. At the end of 2012, I learned the most basic stitches, which enabled me to make a scarf. The current project is a hat. The next one will be a stuffed toy or some handwarmers, I think. One stitch at the time.

To learn – new things and old alike – has been a guiding passion throughout my life. In 2012, I graduated with a MA in English Language and Culture. My last year at university was spent gaining my teaching qualifications and was the least-challenging, least-interesting, and least-academic year I have ever spent at uni. Time to get the fun back in learning, so (3) I’ve signed up for a number of Coursera courses that seem interesting. In 2013, I hope to learn more about Philosophy, Greek & Roman Mythology, History, and Literature.

In addition, (4) I hope to relearn my German this year. At fifteen, I could converse all evening in German whereas now I can barely order dinner. Learning a language widens the horizon and opens up new possibilities. Losing the language has meant a narrowing of my world. Time to regain my confidence.

There are the resolutions to (5) live healthier; exercise twice a week; sleep enough; and eat more fruit. (6) Enjoy the moments with friends and family; (7) be a good partner. And last but not least, the resolution to take more time for me: (8) read a ton of books, (9) write five days a week and (10) tell the stories that are inside of me.

Let’s make sure 2013 is going to be an interesting, exciting and exhillarating ride.

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